Sunday, May 11, 2008

Daddy and Lester's birthday ...

This was the first time I celebrated my father's birthday in KL. We celebrated in the pub in TTDI, which was located near to his temporary apartment.

Inside the pub..

TTDI night vista from dad's apartment..


On 10/5, we, 10 people took taxies to SS2 to celebrate Lester's 18th birthday. Some of us were cheated by a taxi driver. He charged them RM 20 for a ride. This is the vileness of real human world, what the fuck...

We went to New Paris Restaurant (新巴黎露天餐馆) at Jalan SS2/74 to have our dinner. Pictures say a thousand words.Photos below show what we ordered:



*Do note that there was an additional dish on the table- 炸猪手.This dish was special ordered because of Ah Pui. He was still not full, hihi..

When we paid the bill , we found that the price was much lower than what we had assumed. Only RM 20 per person..Quite reasonable..

Let us guess, what did Lester get for his 18th birthday?
(HINT: He is an adult now. He can do those 'legal' stuff now. So you know I know la..No need to mention what was that..)

We took a group photo in front of the restaurant.

Some of us left earlier. Others then went to look for Durian. Finally, we found 1 stall. It was not really a stall. It was the boot of a van. Ah Perng went to ask the price of the durian. The durian seller said let us test first. We just did what he had said.

There was a bald rich man who wanted to pay for the durians that his family had. The seller charged him RM180 . 1 Durian RM 90, walao eh...
The rich man took out three RM 50 notes.At the same time, he asked the hawker his hp number. After negotiating (not bargaining), the seller returned him about RM 30.
The bald man said to him,

I like to eat durian , but I will never come to you again..

Now, our turn..

He charged us RM58. WALAO eh, 1 half-rotten durian cost us RM 58, damn..
Ah Perng tried to tell him that his wallet had only left RM 30 by showing his wallet to him. This method was really useless. We as human, couldn't negotiate with a SOB.

The durian hawker started to scold him, then he grabbed the durian knife and asked Ah Perng to take off his pants. Our hero, Ah Perng was not scared at all. Another hero came to solve the problem. Kai Xiang paid for the remaining amount. Then, we left there immediately.

After that, we did a police report. As what we expected, the police couldn't do anything to him. No evidence, bla bla... Or I shall say no efficiency, where is my handphone? (Please refer to my post, the beginning of this year)

We reached home at around 11.30pm..

Lester did have a memorable birthday. Cheap dinner and expensive durian..

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bing Sen's birthday + Iron Man + Fashion show..

Finally, I have finished 3 tests and 2 assignments. ARGH....1 more EAL assignment to be completed, and mid term examination is just less than 1 month away....

-Let it be-

It has been at least 2 weeks time since my last update. Sorry for that. There are some latest happenings I would like to highlight. I have to squeeze everything into 1 post. Thus , it is going to be a long post..

On 30/4, Bing Sen celebrated his 19th birthday.

We were singing birthday song in 4 languages again..happily.. Two persons sat beside Bing Sen were Danny and Gabriel, who just spread some chocolate on BS 's face. Pity him..

We watched this movie at night. It was really a fabulous movie. It was 1 of the best sci-fiction movie I have ever watched.

The movie narrates that Tony Stark is a billionaire industrialist and genius robot inventor who is kidnapped and forced to build a devastating weapon. Instead, using his intelligence and ingenuity, Tony builds a high-tech suit of armor and escapes captivity. When he uncovers a nefarious plot with global implications, he dons his powerful armour and vows to protect the world as Iron Man.

Tony is finishing his first armour to escape from terrorist group Ten Rings

Tony is testing his second armour.

Ironman is saving a car from falling..


After that, there was a fashion show..

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My own strategy...

On 22/4/2008,

I formulated a strategy to beat my rivals

善用别人的自大,以击败他们. 同时,取走自己的傲慢, 方能获取胜利.

Make full use of others' haughtiness, remove our arrogance, the success is ours.

Hope it will work..

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hectic life..

Haih.. Studying AUSMAT is really tiring. Every topic test, assignment, group project 's mark is counted into the TEE score. So stressful.. But, I still can find some of my friends here have a lot of leisure time to do other stuff, like watching movies, playing dotA, etc.I should learn time management from them. I just finished my examSS yesterday, feel so free now.. 2 more topic test to come, so wish me luck..

Thanks to the exams, I don't have time to update this blog. Now, I just squeeze everything into 1 post..

Last Friday, I followed my friends to Cine leisure. When I reached there, I just found out there was a promotion on movie I watched recently, Ah Long Pte Ltd. Mark Lee, Gao Yi and director Jack Neo were there. We managed to get a big movie poster each and took photos with them. Someone told me that he wanted to ask Mark Lee whether he is really a 'chao ah gua' (sissy) .LOL

On the next 2 days, we went to 1 Utama for dinner. Before cycling back home, we went to a bra exhibition (enjoying the internal beauty of women, wahaha) by Triumph. We learnt the history of the bra. Here 's the most elegant bra (cost Euro $ 100 000)

On Monday, Choon Seong and I went to SS 2 to have FREE dinner . I had to use the coupon before it was expired. It was the best dinner I had ever had since I came to study here. Have a look below:

(feeling hungry now)

On 9th April night (around 11.30pm),it was Li Vern 's birthday countdown. Here 's the details because Jonathan was the one who planned the 'party' and the surprise on the next day.

Who was Li Vern looking at? Her boyfriend?

Naughty Li Vern poured the molten ice cream onto Gabriel 's shirt. What's her intention? Hehe

*Blog updated*

Friday, April 4, 2008



有一天,这小孩突发奇想: 只要我不临时抱佛脚,早点做温习,不就可以赢过他们了吗?于是,他破例提早复习,希望可考获满意的成绩.就这样, 他战战兢兢地完成了考试.

结果,他出乎意料的考了第一名. 巧合的是,成绩揭晓隔天,将有一个小考.自大的他心想: 我又可以继续用回老方法了.当天晚上,他还去参加朋友的生日会,很夜才回到家.顿时,他才发觉没时间了,只好开夜车.